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Want to create culinary memories for lovely people?
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Why is TruChef the best for practicing your craft?

Unlike a restaurant or some other copycat company, we put the chefs first. You cook your own food, you tell your story, you craft the experience you think is best.

Are there other benefits?

Like any gig job, you'll be your own boss. You'll make your own schedule and cook as you're available. You'll also get paid the amount you deserve. You set your own prices. TruChef takes a marketplace fee and you collect the rest.

What is the application process like?

We've got some standard questions for you so we can understand your goals and discern your qualifications. Not every applicant will be accepted because we want to make sure that our chefs are set up for success. The things that the TruChef team is looking for are:

  • What are your qualifications?

  • How does your story make us feel?

  • What x factor are you bringing to the table (literally)?

  • Will you represent TruChef in the way we'd like to be represented?

I'm not a professional chef, I'm just a badass cook.

Perfect. We want to help you get discovered. And we welcome the opportunity to bring on a variety of chefs from diverse backgrounds. Not having worked as a chef might make you stand out even more! But you should know, you'll have to prove your skill more than a professional chef will. We require all of our chefs to carry a valid food handlers or safety certificate but other than that you are good to go!

Do you have any questions about this process? Let us know:

Become a TruChef

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