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Turn your home into the hottest new restaurant with our personal chef services in Austin, Texas.

People enjoying a personal chef party
Women enjoying a personal chef party
Woman enjoying a personal chef party

Good food, good conversation, good company — we love inviting our friends over for a special meal. Whether we are celebrating a milestone or throwing a party just because, those are the nights we talk about years later.

Only problem is, we're not so great at cooking for groups of people. We end up stressed out and working in the kitchen while our friends have all the fun. Oh, and one more problem: we're not professional chefs (even though our mac & cheese is fire).

We believe brunches, lunches, and dinner parties should be fun for everyone — especially when it's your party! So we created TruChef: a new way to hire a personal chef and take all the stress out of hosting, all for the price of an average meal out.

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Fill out our form to hire a chef, and we'll send you a list of our available chefs to choose from.

The minimum party size is 6 people. TruChef services are currently available in Austin, Texas—but more locations are coming soon!