Hire a TruChef

How does TruChef work?

Our simple process to hiring a personal chef and making sure you spend time with your guests away from the kitchen.

Step 1: Hire a chef

Fill out our form to hire a personal chef, and tell us about your party. You'll answer questions like: How many people will be there? How much would you like to spend per person? When would you like this to take place?

The minimum party size is 6 people. TruChef services are currently available in Austin, Texas—but more locations are coming soon!

Step 2: Choose a chef

Within 48 hours, we'll send you a list of available chefs to choose from based on your paramters. You'll let us know which chef you'd like, which menu you'd like, you'll confirm the date, and submit payment.

Step 3: We'll confirm your party

Once your selection and payment has been submitted we'll send you a confirmation and the chef's contact information.

Step 4: Prepare for your party

The chef will take care of everything from this point. They'll contact you the day before and arrive to your place early to set up.

Step 5: Enjoy yourself

Eat great food and make some memories with your guests. The chef will prepare the meal for everyone and add their personal touch to make sure your experience is perfect.

Do you have any questions about the process? Did something not work right? Let us know: ellis@mytruchef.com

A personal chef party

Ready to hire a TruChef?

Fill out our form and we'll send you a list of our available chefs to choose from.

The minimum party size is 6 people