Chef Andre


I grew up in Ecuador but my family has lived all over Asia, Latin America, and North America. I started cooking elevated food with my grandparents. They made farm-to-table meals before that trend became popular.

My mother then took those teachings to another level, using inspiration from the different global gastronomies we had experienced. She developed a multi-faceted cuisine that I have inherited.

I am passionate about cooking because of the juxtaposition of food and the challenge of creating tasty meals. There are many complex dishes that use simple flavors. A chef's creativity acts as the catalyst to allow these flavors to mix properly and generate wonderful dishes.

I design my meals to bring back memories of my upbringing but also to allow others to enjoy this memory-lane trip . My goal is to make whomever I am cooking for smile the second food hits their palate.

My menus are diverse and I strive for perfection.

I love culinary challenges and I am still learning new things every day. However some of my best recipes, to name a few, include a 15 hour smoked Wagyu beef brisket, Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai, Veal Osso Bucco, Seafood Paella Valenciana, Amazonian Vanilla Bean Tres Leches, as well as sauces like Texas Style BBQ and Argentinian Chimichurri.


I have been cooking for large groups since 2016, always ranging between 6-15 people. My skills are a combination of being self-taught as well as training from my mother. She has a collection of over 300+ recipes with detailed notes that I use as my menu base. I have helped her create dishes that have served ambassadors, Fortune 50 chief executives, as well as high ranked advisors to the Vatican. All have given glowing reviews of the dishes.

Popular Menus


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Texas BBQ

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