Chef Eva


I was born and raised in Kenya before I moved to the United States some seven years ago. Growing up, my mom owned and operated a restaurant in my home town. I remember constantly experimenting with different ingredients and spices in her kitchen from a young age of 12 and then recreating some of her dishes but with different compositions. Since then, I realized that for me, a recipe was just a template and I have never been afraid to experiment and play around with ingredients, spices, food textures etc.

Although it seemed like a no brainer for me to go in to the restaurant industry after I finished school, I had seen my mom work such long hours and I knew I did not want that for myself. I also realized that I wanted people to experience my food on a more personal level, for them to learn the story and process behind the creation of the amazing dishes. So, I got a nine to five job and started hosting dinners for friends and friends of friends which eventually morphed into a full time catering business.

When I moved to the United States, I realized that food was very different from what I was used to back home in Kenya. I Also noticed that there was a lack of any quality African/Kenyan restaurants and there was a misconception of what African food is, lack of knowledge on how diverse it is from country to country, and even from tribe to tribe in the same country! My goal is to change that misconception and educate while serving up some scrumptious dishes.

The cornerstone of Kenyan cooking is the use of locally farmed organic produce, some of which leaves our farms and goes directly to our kitchens and tables. I strive to maintain that same trend which is why I have partnered with local Austin farmers and Milkrun for my fresh produce and source most of my spices, coffees and teas from Kenya. I have created menus that are bold, fusing with American food culture while paying homage to my roots at the same time!

Popular Menus

The Ultimate Kenyan Experience

$55 per person

Tropical Fusion -

$70 per person

East African

$120 per person