Chef Jeff


Growing up, food and the kitchen were the center points of the many visits to my grandmother’s house. Everyone would gather around and talk, cook, laugh, and help with all that needed to be done for the evening’s meal. So, at a very young age, I was helping with the small the things that I could do and wanting to learn more so I could help more.

It was not until a 6 week-long trip to Europe and later a 3-month long trip to Central and South America, that I realized how diverse and amazing food could actually be and that I wanted to immerse myself into the education and learning of the Culinary world.

I never had the opportunity to attend Culinary School but was very fortunate at a young age to be mentored by an absolutely amazing Chef for over 7 years. We quickly became friends and he taught all that he knew in a hands-on approach to the learning my trade.

After over a decade in fine dining, I had the opportunity to become the Executive Chef for a company. I worked at Google, Intel, Cisco Systems amongst other large corporations then started working as a private Chef.

The joy I get from cooking for people, brings me back to those fond memories of my childhood and the sounds of laughter that always filled the kitchen. I also get a silent chuckle from seeing a person, with a mouthful of food, smiling as they mumble “Oh my gosh, this is so good."

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