Chef Jonathon


I was born and raised in Austin, TX by a Korean-Italian mother and my grandparents.

My grandfather was an Italian man born and raised in Venezuela. He had as much pride in his Italian roots as he did his Venezuelan upbringing. My grandmother, being an immigrant from South Korea, always kept kimchi in the kitchen and rice in the cooker. These cultural influences- Texas, Korea, Italy, and Latin America- have all found a home in the food I love to cook.

Before starting my cooking career 8 years ago, I spent 8 years as a touring poet/spoken word artist.

I lived in Southern California, NYC, Madison, WI, and my touring days took me to over 15 states. I taught writing and creative expression workshops at various universities and institutions. I’m extremely passionate about creativity and self-expression, and these things, too, emanate in my cooking.

I have been cooking in Austin for 10 years.

The bulk of my career has been centered around fine-dining Italian and Mediterranean food. I’ve developed fresh pasta programs and various menus, led incredible teams, studied under Michelin-starred chefs, and been a part of award-winning kitchens. Through all of it, my passion has remained in the food and service of feeding people- and being a crucial part of creating lasting memories in the lives of the people I feed.

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