Chef Karica


Growing up I always looked up to my grandfather, who was a chef based out of New York. I remember being in the kitchen with him all the time making various dishes and learning new baking techniques. My grandfather truly inspired me to be a chef, it was my form of art, self expression, and his as well.

Focusing on culinary arts, and pastry production through high school and college, I

graduated with two degrees in Culinary hotel restaurant management and baking and pastry. Also a member of the ACF Chefs! Some hobbies I enjoy are creating custom menus, wedding cakes, and floral glam cakes for clients. I always knew that I wanted to be a creator using food as the tools to paint my canvas.

As I ventured deeper into the culinary world, I realized that I had a passion for plants. It makes a big difference when you are using fresh herbs from your garden to create sweet and savory dishes. That is my definition of “Farm to table”.

I enjoy making dishes with a surprise ending. Giving each client something special to remember.

The menus that I have created are diverse, strategic, and witty. A Japanese styled menu with some of my favorite dishes I have been fortunate enough to try. A vegan/vegetarian menu with bold flavors. A new American styled menu that introduces sweet and savory dishes. Last but not least, a menu with bold and robust flavors for the daring!

Popular Menus


$90 per person

Vegetarian/ Vegan

$110 per person

New American

$120 per person

Bold and Robust

$130 per person