Chef Michael

Chef Michael, otherwise known as The Elite Chef is a Jamaican born and raised Culinary Artist, with 10 years in the field, in which he has learnt various Cuisines and Experienced many beautiful cultures.

Those Cuisines that he has learnt and experienced has motivated him to create his own style of cooking . This style elevates Jamaican food , by incorporating various techniques from multiple cuisine , while still keeping that nostalgic Jamaican flavor we have all grown to know and love.

Chef Michael’s offers an experience with his bold flavors , intimate story telling behind each dish and exquisite plating design , that will leave not only your stomach satisfied, but your mind and soul as well .

Popular Menus

Jamaica Mi Crazy

$60 per person

Duck, Duck, Hummingbird

$70 per person

Jamaica...Moooo Problem

$100 per person