Chef Tara


Chef Tara was born & raised in Texas, the place that stems her love for down home & outdoor cooking. She grew up fascinated with dishes like her grandma’s Mac & cheese and her Mom’s pot roast. Any day it was cooked during her childhood was a good day. It wasn’t until her 20’s where she realized her own abilities and craft. While eating a lasagna she made amongst friends, she realized that she enjoyed the feeling of making good food and having people enjoy it. That’s when she decided she wanted to attend culinary school. She graduated in 2008 at the Texas Culinary Academy Le Cordon Bleu and has spent most of her career cooking for her personal chef clients and handling food for parties & private events. She is a free spirited, easy going chef who believes in making food from scratch, using the freshest quality ingredients, and keeping a positive attitude. She hopes she can help make your food & event fun and unforgettable.

Popular Menus

The Pineapple Express

$90 per person

The Godfather

$100 per person

The Deuce Bigalow

$130 per person