Chef Veshinu

Chef Vesh is spicing up the Austin culinary scene with his fresh take on food and flavors by introducing true fusion cooking as he blends Asian street foods of Malaysia and Thailand with European, Texas BBQ, and American classics. With more than thirteen years of experience in the culinary world as a chef, caterer, and restaurateur, his company, FUZE, offers catering, personal chef services, and restaurant consulting.

Chef Vesh was born and raised in Malaysia; a country with diverse cultural influences and representations. He grew up in a melting pot that continues to influence him today. He saw first hand the ways different cuisines can work together to create an exceptional and unique flavor profile in every bite. He decided to enter the culinary world and spent more than five years traveling the world and immersing himself in cultures, cuisines, spices, and flavors unique to each area he inhabited.

Along his journey, Chef Vesh cooked in diverse settings, adding to his skill set and pushing his creativity further than he imagined. At one point, he worked as a chef on a ship feeding more than 5,000 people on board every day. He also served as the in flight chef for a charter company that would cater for eight to ten people.

As he continued to work and explore the world, he started honing in on his own unique style and flavors. Today he brings something completely different to the Austin food scene. His food is a fusion of street foods found all around the globe. He specifically has found passion in fusing the flavors of Malaysia with Europe, Thailand, Texas BBQ, and the U.S. Chef Vesh brings flavors of Asian street food and combines them with more familiar flavors and foods in a food revolution of sorts.

Through FUZE, Chef Vesh takes his guests on a mystical culinary journey to showcase the truest definition of fusion cooking while introducing them to the street foods of Asia. He loves bringing the restaurant experience into a private and intimate space. He has been the personal chef in the Austin locale in people’s homes for candle light dinners, parties, and has been flown to be the chef for a weekend away. He also enjoys bringing his fusion cooking to large parties through his catering services. Through his consulting program, he has helped restaurants manage their kitchens in order to achieve profits.

As Anthony Bourdain once said, “Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small.” Chef Vesh embodies this idea, and his travels can be tasted in every bite of his food.

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